The Premier Text Message Platform for your Business.

Unlock the power of personalized customer engagement. When your communications are seen, your business can grow in the ways you intended. 

Key benefits of AmplifySMS

Build a loyal client base

SMS conversations add a personal touch, nurturing stronger relationships and granting you a distinctive opportunity to deliver exclusive deals directly to your customers. Embrace the potential of personalized communication today.

Uncover lost opportunity

Experience unmatched efficiency with text messages. 98% of sent texts are opened within 3 minutes, making it the fastest and most effective communication channel available.

Increase your efficiency

Harness the power of SMS, accessible to over 5 billion people worldwide. Say goodbye to managing multiple social media accounts. Simplify your communication and connect with your audience effortlessly.

Three Simple Steps to Boost Customer Engagement

1 - Sign Up

Click "Get Started" to create your account quickly. It only takes a moment.

2 - Choose Your Number

We offer a wide range of phone numbers. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find the perfect one for your business, whether you prefer a specific area code, have favorite numbers in mind, or want a unique vanity code.

3 - Get Started

 Import your customer's information effortlessly with our handy tool. Now, you're all set to start engaging with your audience!"

Join these forward thinking companies

Delight Customers with AI

AmplifySMS is AI enabled to deliver seamless, intuitive, and responsive experiences that delight your customers and fuel your business growth.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the sentiment of your messages, providing you with insights into the emotions and attitudes behind the words. Whether you're looking to gauge customer satisfaction, evaluate employee feedback, or simply gain a deeper understanding of your communication, Sentiment Analysis has you covered.

Knowledge Assistant

This AI-powered knowledge assistant is based on your own data, enabling it to provide intelligent and insightful suggestions and responses to your customers' queries. You can expect a significant improvement in customer satisfaction as it enables you to respond to your customers' requests quickly and accurately.

Flexible Pricing

Prepare your organization for success. 

Our scalable plans cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s. Empower your growth journey today.



or 24.99/month

  • Business phone number

  • 500 text messages

  • 50 MMS messages

  • Unlimited contacts 

  • S.H.A.F.T protection



or 49.99/month

  • Everything in Solopreneur

  • 1,500 text messages

  • 100 MMS messages

  • Call forwarding

  • Custom vCard



or 99.99/month

  • Everything in Startup

  • 3,000 text messages

  • 200 MMS messages

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • AI Responses

All plans can purchase additional credits. Starting at $0.01/SMS and $0.03/MMS per message.

*Feature coming soon. 

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