Effortless engagement, unleashed growth.

Make your communications count. 

Spark growth with our AI-driven text messaging platform.

Delight Customers

Explore a world of features designed to elevate customer satisfaction and redefine your business's relationship with its audience.

Direct Communication

Experience true 1:1 engagement without algorithms or external control. Take charge of how you interact with your audience.

Craft Personalized Messages

Elevate your communication with branded text. Say goodbye to standard looks – now, tailor your messages to reflect your unique brand.

Reach Users Without Limits

No need for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and more. We leverage universal phone numbers, ensuring everyone is reachable, regardless of the platform.

 Ownership & Reporting

Own your audience without constraints —no lock-ins. Dive into detailed reporting and audit logs, ensuring you're always in the know about every interaction. Your audience, your terms.

Effortless Automation

AmplifySMS is AI enabled to deliver seamless, intuitive, and responsive experiences that delight your customers and fuel your business growth.

Monetization Opportunities

 Seamlessly weave in monetization moments, make your interactions not just meaningful but also lucrative. It's more than a conversation—it's a revenue-generating experience.

Key benefits of AmplifySMS

Build a loyal client base

SMS conversations add a personal touch, nurturing stronger relationships and granting you a distinctive opportunity to deliver exclusive deals directly to your customers. Embrace the potential of personalized communication today.

Uncover lost opportunity

Experience unmatched efficiency with text messages. 98% of sent texts are opened within 3 minutes, making it the fastest and most effective communication channel available.

Increase your efficiency

Harness the power of SMS, accessible to over 5 billion people worldwide. Say goodbye to managing multiple social media accounts. Simplify your communication and connect with your audience effortlessly.

Three easy steps to get started


Sign Up

Click on "Get Started" button to create your account quickly. It only takes a moment and we'll walk you through each step.


Pick a Number

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find the perfect one for your business, whether you prefer a specific area code, have favorite numbers in mind, or want a unique vanity code.


Get Started

Import your customer's information effortlessly with our handy tool. Now, you're all set to start engaging with your audience!

Easy integrations with your existing tools.

Importing your contacts has never been so easy. Ever growing list of integrations. 

Coming soon*

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Prepare your organization for success. 

Our scalable plans cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s. Empower your growth journey today.



/ per month

What's included:

Business phone number

500 text messages

50 multimedia messages

Unlimited contacts

S.H.A.F.T protection



/ per month

What's included:

Everything in Solopreneur

1,500 text messages

100 multimedia messages

Call forwarding

Custom vCard



/ per month

What's included:

Everything in Startup

3,000 text messages

200 multimedia messages

Sentiment Analysis

AI Responses

Annual options

We offer a ten percent discounts to our annual subscribers.


off monthly cost

All plans can purchase additional credits. Starting at $0.03/SMS and $0.05/MMS per message.

Looking to test drive?

If you're keen on a hands-on experience before making a decision, why not explore our comprehensive user guide and gain firsthand understanding of how the application functions?

We also offer personalized demos – just click the "Book a demo" button located at the bottom right of the screen.

We're here to assist in your evaluation process.

Our Clients Speak

Join these forward thinking companies

  • AmplifySMS has transformed our yoga studio's communication. Personalized messages effortlessly reach our members, fostering a sense of community and ensuring everyone stays in the loop!

  • AmplifySMS keeps our running club connected and motivated. Quick updates and event reminders ensure our members never miss a stride on their fitness journey!


  • From organizing events to spreading positive messages, AmplifySMS is the heartbeat of our collective impact on social change and artistic expression. #CommunityActivism #StayConnected

  • AmplifySMS empowers our mission for spatial justice. Instant communication helps us coordinate events, advocate for change, and ensure our message resonates with those who need it most.

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